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Proper shipping system integration is a more difficult task than one generally assumes. When companies decide to research shipping solutions, the general perception is that any of the leading software suppliers are qualified to provide a solution, but this is generally not true. The real benefits do not lie in the shipping system software, but rather in its ability to be integrated with a current ERP system.

SupplySoft uniquely specializes in the integration of Shipping systems with your ERP and Warehouse solutions, providing bi-directional data exchange, shipment tracking, and pricing and billing integration.
Shipping systems currently supported are: ClipperShip, UPS Worldship, FedEx, Canpar and Purolator

A state-of-the-art shipping system can have many positive effects on a company's bottom line. If the right system and interface are customized to fulfill a company's unique set of goals and are properly integrated with the company's ERP system, not only do the shipments arrive on time and at the lowest possible cost, but the entire company benefits from better customer service, revenue enhancement and improved brand value, among other things. Properly designed interfaces and efficient integration are typically not even noticed by the shipping personnel after the first week.

Major benefits of integrating a “customized” shipping system interface with your in-house ERP system:

  • Increased Savings: The minimization or elimination of duplicate data entry, creating labor savings and increased accuracy for your company.
  • Fewer Errors: The minimization or elimination of user decision making by shipping department personnel, thus reducing human errors.
  • Managed Growth: The growth of your company without the addition of shipping personnel and the related equipment, space, costs and aggravation.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Enhancement of your customer service by proactively providing timely and accurate data relative to the customer's shipments.
  • Less Costly Improvements: The ability to change your company's user interface quickly and inexpensively when properly programmed initially.
  • Improved Compliance: Improved compliance and the elimination of charge backs and fines through the better integration of your customer's unique shipping and receiving requirements.
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