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Warehousing includes all the activities related to receiving, storing and shipping materials from production or distribution locations.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is the business involved with planning and controlling all levels of inventory. In today's economy, the better you can control your inventory by reducing your inventory investment and optimizing your ability to predict and plan for required inventory, the more profitable your company can become.

How Can You Improve Your Inventory Control In House?

You can improve your inventory control by implementing an enterprise system that effectively addresses inventory control and replenishment. The right software tools coupled with the correct implementation and business processes will do this. Effective Warehouse and Plant Managers that can implement these processes on a daily basis are also extremely vital to a company's growth.

What About The Every Day Activities That Effect Inventory Control?

All types of factors can affect your control over inventory. One of the largest is human error. Anytime, you can control the accuracy of picking, packing, counting, shipping, moving and issuing materials you will improve your bottom line.

Why Would I Consider RF or Mobile Technology?

Each time you manually key data into a software system, there is the potential for error. Bar-coding and Radio Frequency can eliminate these errors. Additionally, through the use of Wi-Fi technology, you can implement warehouse control as you move around the warehouse because the data collection devices are mobile.


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